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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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"Craftsman Style Pole Barn" Evolution

Designed & Built Exclusively by Jarvis Builders

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

The "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" has been developed by Jarvis Builders to compliment Today's Newer Style Craftsman Style Homes built throughout Southwestern Michigan. Most homeowners today don't want the Tin Barn that looks like an oversized storage shed built next to their expensive home. Pole Barns like that just don't belong in our nice well groomed neighborhoods. Jarvis Builders developed the "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" to Duplicate the Exterior Finish and Architectural Style of the Home. The Addition of a Jarvis Builders "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" compliments the home, provides the Workshop/Storage Needs people have today and Creates and "Estate" feel of the home place.

Each of our "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" is Custom designed to meet the Customer's Specific Needs and Desires, and to Match the Exterior Finish of the Home. In addition to the Building Design special attention is given to Where and How the Building is placed on the property. Access to the Building, Drainage, Landscaping, and Overall Finished Appearance of the "Home Estate" are all important considerations that become part of the Jarvis Builders Design Process.

The Jarvis Builders "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" is framed to accept most any kind of Exterior Siding, or Stone. We use Custom Designed Roof Trusses to duplicate the style of the existing home and/or to create "Attic Storage." Roof Shingles, Overhang Finish, Windows, and Overhead Doors are available and used to Match the Home. Excavation, Landscaping, Concrete Flatwork are also important aspects to complete the process. Jarvis Builders does the "Complete Job" from Excavation to Siding and everything in between. You don't need to hire and manage 12 Contractors to build a project like this. Only one Jarvis Builders does it all!


Development of the Craftsman Style Pole Barn Garage

Early Pole Barn GaragesIn the early 1980s the demand for Pole Barns used as Detached Garages began to grow. At that time almost all pole barns were built like the building to the right. Very Basic, Agricultural Steel Siding and Roofing, Concrete Floors, and Overhead Doors in stead of the traditional Farm Style Siding Doors. We sold and built Hundreds of these Buildings primarily because they were so much cheaper than Conventional Framed Garages with Expensive Concrete Wall Foundations.

But it became clear Customers really wanted to Save the Money on a Pole Barn Style of Construction, but wanted it to Match their Home more closely.



Shingled Roofs and Boxed Overhangs

Mid to Late 80s Pole Barn GarageBy the Mid to Late 1980s we improved the appearance of our Pole Barn Garage by using Roof Trusses 24" on center, and Shingled Roofs rather than the Farm Style Steel Roofing. Boxed Overhangs to Match the Style on the Home also were added to further Match the Home.

We were closer, but using the Farm Style Steel Siding limited our Customers in Color Selection and the Appearance. The Steel Siding never Matched the look of Horizontal Aluminum and New "Vinyl Sidings" that were being introduced into the market. Not only that but Steel Siding is not Tight. If you go inside the building, close all the doors, you could see light leaking in around the edges. Mice and Bugs could get in.


Horizontal Aluminum Siding

Pole Barn Style Attached Garage

This was the first Pole Barn Style attached Garage with Aluminum Siding built in the Greater Kalamazoo Area. We built this garage at Climax, MI in about 1989.

We paid particular attention to Matching the Home. Notice the Roof Slope, Shingles, Boxed Overhangs, Door Trims, and Color & Style of the Aluminum siding all Match the Home.

Notice how much better this Pole Barn Garage Complements the Home than earlier Pole Barns. Over the last 20 years our Craftsman Style Pole Barns have evolved allowing us to Match nearly any Home, regardless of Roof Pitch, Style, or Exterior Finish.


The "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" built Exclusively by Jarvis Builders

Each Pole Barn is Custom Designed and Built to Match the Architectural Style and
Exterior finish of Today's Newer "Craftsman Style Homes"


Craftsman Style Pole Barn by Jarvis Builders


Built for Dan & Julie Andrus, Otsego, MI in April 2010. Dan asked me to "Match his Home." this 24' x 24' x 8' Pole Barn features a 10/12 Pitch Roof with Attic Storage Trusses giving a 12' wide x 24' long Attic with 2/4" OSB Floor and Fold-Down Staircase. 30 year Dimensional Shingle Roof, 12" Boxed Overhangs Facia and Soffit Match Home, D/4 Vinyl Siding Package, Azec PVC Overhead Door Trim with Ellipse to Match Home. Concrete Flatwork to Match up to Existing Driveway and Complete Excavation. We also installed the Electrical Service. Notice the Lawn Restoration. The "Home Estate" Finished Appearance. (see the specs for this Pole Barn)


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Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

"Craftsman Style Pole Barns" with
Attic Storage and/or Attic Rooms

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Craftsman Style Pole Barn