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Shed Roof Style Room Addition

Aaron & Bethany Conley
924 Southern Street
Kalamazoo, MI
Built May 2012

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Shed Roof Style Room Addition Specifications

  • Shed Roof Style Room Additions are the least expensive Roof Style for a Room Addition.
  • Roof Frame 3/12 pitch Rafter Framed Rafters and Ceiling Joists with 1/2" osb Decking.
  • The Concrete Block Foundation was partially existing under pre-existing Sun Room we removed.
  • Wall Frame is 2 x 4 studs 16"oc typical, Floor Joists are 2x10 @16"oc with 3/4" osb floor screwed.
  • Exterior Finish is Double 4 Vinyl Siding and Trim over House Wrap with Overhang Aluminum Fascia and Vinyl Soffit, Roofing Ice/Water Shield whole roof and 30yr Dimensional Shingles.
  • Interior Finish is Drywall smooth walls stomp finish ceilings painted with Stain to Match Pine Casing and Base Trim to match the Home.
  • Remove and Dispose of Pre-Existing Sun Room.
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Shop Drawing


Floor Plan "Shop Drawings"
Shop Drawing


Home with Pre-Existing Sun Room Before Work Began
Conley Before


Demolition of Sun Room is Underway


The Sun Room as been removed to the existing foundation

We are adding a row of Blocks to Elevate the Foundation. Then we'll fill the Cores with Concrete and add 1/2" Anchor Bolts.


The Framing is well Underway
The Floor Frame & Decking and the Wall Frame is done. We are installing the 7/16" osb Wall Sheathing.


The Exterior Finish is Complete


The Interior Finish is Complete
The View is from the old Patio Door which was Retrimed as a Clear Opening
The Conley's wanted to take care of their own Floor Coverings


Looking from the Room Addition into the existing Dining Room

The Process Started with Shop Drawings and Plans and Finished with a Beautiful Room for the Conley's