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Garage Rebuild & Storm Damage Repairs

Scott & Valerie Davis
37828 South Shore Drive
Paw Paw, MI
August 2011

This is the Home when I came out to do the Initial Inspection
Craftsman Style Pole Barn


Back Yard Storm Damage
This is the Home from the Back Yard - What a Mess
Davis Storm Damage

Garage Storm Damage
The large tree punched a hole in the Garage Roof big enough to drop a
Pickup Truck through. This is what's left of the Garage Ceiling and Doors
Davis Storm Damage


After the tree was removed we Tarped the Roof and Closed in the Garage
Davis Storm Damage


The tree punched smaller holes throughout the Roof. There were broken
Rafters, Broken Trusses, Siding & Trim Destroyed. It was a real Mess.
Davis Storm Damage


List of Types of Repairs Completed on this Job:

  • The Garage Roof including Shingles, Decking, Roof Trusses, Fascia and Overhangs, Steel Ceiling Stairs, Attic OSB Floor, Insulation,
    Electrical Lighting and Receptacles were all removed.
  • Reframed the Garage Roof with new Custom Built Roof Trusses, Overhangs and Sub Fascia, Roof Decking, Lean to Rafters, and Stairs.
  • Roof Finish Complete Tear-Off Job on Home and Garage, repaired holes through Roof Decking, then Reroofed the Home and Garage with
    Ice/Water Shield, 30#Felt, and 30yr Dimensional Shingles with new Step Flashings, Chimney Flashing, and Skylight Flashings, Roof Vents.
  • We installed a new Steel Ceiling in Garage along with Fold Down Stairs, Attic Floor, Insulation, and Light Fixtures and Receptacles.
  • There were many Vinyl Siding and Boxed Overhang Repairs.
  • Overhead Doors and Operators.
  • Gutters and Downspouts.


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"


The Home After Repair Work is Complete
Good as New!
Davis Storm Damage

The Home from the Back Yard After Repair Work is Complete.
We Built this Garage in 2005. Scott & Val were very happy with our first job.

So when Disaster Hit they only called Jarvis Builders to help.

Davis Storm Damage