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Major Structural Repairs Complete Exterior Renovation

John & Tracy Hilbron
129 Hazen St.
Paw Paw, MI
December 2010

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

List of Types of Home Improvements Completed on this Job

  • Replaced Main Roof Rafters and Decking with new support beams and Roof Trusses & Decking
  • Replaced Rafter Frame Lower Roof Section complete with Decking & Subfascia
  • Removed existing Siding, Rotten Wall Sheathing, Rotten Siding all Rotten Wood and Replaced
  • Built new Front Porch Complete and added Exterior Lighting
  • Reroofing with new 1/2" OSB Decking, Ice/Water Shield, 30# Felt, 30yr Dimensional Shingles
  • Replaced all Windows and Exterior Casings including Basement Windows and Jambs
  • New Boxed Overhang Finish with Aluminum Fascia, Vinyl Soffit, and 2x6 Sub Fascia
  • Double 4 Vinyl Siding and Trim with House Wrap
  • Rebuilt Jambs for Front Door and Rehung with new Storm Door
  • Wall insulation Fiberglass where the wall was open others with Blown Cellulose in Stud Cavities
  • Attic Insulation with Blown Cellulose
  • New Raised Panel Steel Overhead Door and Rebuilt Rotten Header and Jambs


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"
The before and After Photos Will Amaze You


This is the Home when we started work
This Home had set vacant for several years

Front of the Home as seen from Hazen Street
Hilbran Renovation


This is the North Side Along the Driveway
Hilbran Renovation


This is the rest of the North Side and the Attached Garage
Hilbron Renovation


This is the Back of the Home and Garage
We had to remove the vines and over grown
vegetation. All Fascia Boards and Window
Casings were Rotten.
Notice the 14" Sag at the Ridge Line of this Roof.
The Lower Roof actually ran Downhill 7" towards
the Main Roof
Hilbron Renovation Hilbron Renovation



The Job in Progress
The Main Roof has been Replaced with new
Sidewall Support Beams (Notice the Sag in
existing framed wall) Custom Built Roof
Trusses, Sub Fascia, and 1/2" OSB Decking
The Lower Roof has been Replaced with new
Rafters, 2x6 Sub Fascia, 1/2" OSB Decking,
Ice/Water Shield, and 30# Roof Felt
Hilbron Renovation Hilbron Renovation
Once the Siding was removed it exposed Rotten Sheathing and all was removed & replaced


We are Insulating and Resheathing the Front Wall in preparation
of Building the New Front Porch and Replacing the Windows

Hilbron Renovation


We are making Repairs to the North Wall and Side Entry Porch
Hilbron Renovation


The Windows have been replaced and new 2x4 Backings for the
Aluminum Coil Wrapped Casings & Sills will be installed next.
Hilbron Renovation Hilbron Renovation


The New Front Porch Roof is framed and Wall have been resheathed
Hilbron Renovation


The Completed Front Porch

Recessed Ceiling Lights in the Vinyl
Soffit Ceiling
The Tunnel Frame Arch, Porch Beams, and Poles
have been wrapped with Azek PVC Trim Boards
Hilbron Renovation Hilbron Renovation
The Porch Railings and Spindles are Vinyl
and never require painting
The Porch Floor and Stair Treads & Risers are
5/4 x 6 Treated and will be Stained later


The North Wall along the Driveway is Done
Notice how much straighter and flatter the
the Roof is now The Ridge Line is Straight
and the Lower Roof is Level at the Ridge
The Flush Fascia is a 2x6 covered with 6"
Aluminum Fascia it projects farther than the
Vinyl Siding to shed water
Hilbron Renovation Hilbron Renovation
It takes Experience to Completely Renovate
a Home in this condition, and keep the
bottom of the Siding lined up properly
The New Raised Panel Steel Overhead Door
and Aluminum Coil Wrapped Trim


The Back Side of the Home & Garage is Complete
Notice how much straighter the Fascia is on
the Garage now. The new Vinyl Siding lines
Perfectly with the Overhangs.
Notice how the Fascia and Overhangs are much
straighter than when we started. You would
never know that Crooked Wall is still in there.
Hilbron Renovation


The Neighbors Couldn't Believe It Was The Same Home.


Hilbron Renovation


Vinyl Frame Basement Windows

  • We installed new 2x8 Treated
    Jambs & Mortared them to
    the Block Foundation
  • Installed the Custom Sized
  • Installed 2x4 Treated Backers
    and Wrapped them with
    Aluminum Coil


Hilbron Renovation


Vinyl Frame Prime Windows

  • We installed 2x4 Backers and
    Wrapped them with
    Aluminum Coil
  • This Trim projects 1/2" past
    the Vinyl Siding Trim to
    shed Water Properly
  • Maintenance Free Finish


Hilbron Renovation


Chimney Flashings

  • The Chimney was Saw Cut
    1" deep.
  • The Custom Aluminum
    Counter Flashing was
    installed over the Step Flash
    installed during roofing to
    provide and attractive water
    tight finish.
  • The Lower Roof was Step
    Flashed to the Wall as we
    were roofing.
  • The Vinyl Siding covers the
    Step Flashing


The Process Starts with the Estimate & Shop Drawings
then our Hard Work on the job to do an Excellent Job.
The End Result

Another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer

Testimonial Letter
from another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer