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Exterior Renovation

John & Christy Pace
63768 Ridge Ave (Shafer Lake)
Lawrence, MI
May 2013

The Home From the Street Before Work Began
Craftsman Style Pole Barn


The Lake Side of the Home Before Work Began
Pace Renovation


The North and Lake Side of the Home Before Work Began
Pace Renovation

The Garage Before Work Began
Pace Renovation

List of Types of Home Improvements Completed on this Job:


  • Boxed Overhangs old Fascia & Soffit was replaced with New Aluminum Fascia & Vinyl Soffit.
  • Overhead Doors and Entry Door was Retrimmed with Azek PVC Trim Boards.
  • The Lean-To Headers were replaced. The Headers and Poles were Wrapped with Azek PVC Trim Boards and Painted to match the Trim Color. Vinyl Soffit Ceiling.
  • Garage was House Wrapped and Resided with Double 5 Vinyl Siding & Trim.
  • The existing Exterior Lighting was removed and replaced. Recessed Lights in Lean to Ceiling.


  • The Roof above the Entry was Step Shingle Flashed, The Chimney was Reflashed to the Roof.
  • Rebuilt the Thresholds and Jambs of Entry Doors, New Storm Doors.
  • Rebuilt Front Porch added Azek Beam & Pole Wraps, Azek Flooring and Trim, Soffit Ceiling, Built Stairway from 2nd Floor Porch to Ground. Recessed Lighting upper & lower Ceilings.
  • Electrical added Outside Receptacles and Recessed Lighting in the Overhangs around the Home.
  • Window and Door Trims with 3 1/2" Vinyl Lineal Casing and Vinyl Crown Mold.
  • Overhangs were straightened and Finished with Aluminum Fascia and Vinyl Soffit.
  • 5" Vinyl Freeze Trim was installed at the top of the wall under the Overhangs.
  • Home was Resided with Double 5 Vinyl Siding and Trim over House Wrap.
  • Concrete Patio Lake Side of Home.


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"
and has for over 30 years!

Work is Underway on the Garage Lean-To
Once the old Fascia & Soffit was removed Rotten Sub Fascia was exposed we replaced the boards.
The old Headers were installed poorly. We Installed new 2x12s to properly support the Roof
Pace Renovation
Pace Renovation
We will Wrap the Poles and Headers with Azek PVC Trim Boards and Paint them to match the
Overhang and Trim Color with Sherwin Williams Super Paint for a Maintenance Free Finish


The Garage Lean-To is Complete
The Azek Trimmed Beam and Poles
The Gable has been modified to provide more Head
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation


The Garage Siding, Trim, Lighting, and Overhangs are Complete
Pace Renovation


Before the Siding was Installed Many Repairs were Required
Notice the Electrical Boxes and Wires running
over the old siding
Notice the Build Up of Cauld & Tar where the
Porch Roof butts into the main Wall
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation
The Entry Door Frame and Threshold were a Rotten, Calked Up Mess


Step Flashing Repair Entry Roof
The Build Up of Caulk & Tar has been removed and Aluminum Step Flashing installed. The House
Wrap and Vinyl Siding will Overlap the Flashing to Create a Water Tight Seal. No More Leaks.
Pace Renovation


The Entry is Complete
New Light Fixtures installed
over Vinyl J-Blocks
The exposed Electrical Boxes and Wires have
been removed. Electrical Service Area was
Painted to match the Siding. Very Clean
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation
The Entry Door Azek Trim returns to the Brick
and provides a Casing for the Storm Door
The 3 1/2" Vinyl Lineal Casing and Crown
Wake Up this Window


Pace Renovation


The Entry Door
Finish is Complete

Vinyl Crown Molding

Azek PVC Trim Casing

New Storm Door

New Door Bell Button

Threshold Rebuilt with
Azek PVC Decking


Many Companies throw up Vinyl Siding, But Very Few Pay Attention to All the Details like Jarvis Builders

Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"
and has for over 30 years!


Overhang Fascia & Soffit Before Work Began
Very Poor Craftsmanship
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation
Exposed Electrical Conduit


Front Porch Soffit Ceiling
Improperly Installed Aluminum Soffit this was a real mess
Pace Renovation


Rebuilding the Front Porch is Underway
The existing deck boards have been removed.
2x6 treated Floor Joists on Joist Hangers and
2x12 treated Band Joists have been installed.
Electrical Wiring for the Recessed Can Lights has
been roughed in
Pace Renovation
Pace Renovation


The Front Porch is farther along and Stair Case Began
The full length poles were removed and
replaced. The poles and beam were
wrapped with Azek PVC Trim Boards
The Porch Floor was Decked with Azek PVC
Deck Boards. The Vinyl Soffit Ceiling above the
Porch and Below are Complete
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation


The Porch Deck is Trimmed and Vinyl Siding Installed
Pace Renovation


The Lake Side of the Home is Complete
Notice the New Stair Case with Vinyl Railings
and Newel Posts with Azek Decking on the
Treads and Risers.
The Vinyl Railings have been Installed and
Recessed Can Lighting in the Upper and
Lower Soffit Ceilings
Pace Renovation
We poured a Concrete Patio to Finish the Job


Pace Renovation

The Chimney had a Build
Up of Caulk & Tar, but
no Flashing onto the
Roof Shingles.

A Build Up means at some
point it was leaking and
someone put some more
Caulk or Tar on it. It will
Leak again.


The Correct Way to Repair this is with Counter Flashing
First we sawcut the Chimney about 1" and clean off the old Build Up. Then we install a Custom
Made Aluminum Counter Flashing. The top edge goes into the sawcut and is sealed. The ends
are Pop Riveted together and the bottom edge secured with Neo-Screws.
Pace Renovation Pace Renovation


Pace Renovation



The Fascia & Soffit which was
poorly installed has been replaced
with a High Quality Trim Job.

Notice the 5" Vinyl Freeze Trim
under the Overhang.

The exposed Electrical Conduit has
been wrapped with Azek and
Painted to match the Vinyl Siding


The South Wall and Street Side are Complete
Pace Renovation