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Home Improvements

Complete Exterior Renovation with Garage, Covered Porch,
Landscape Timber Retaining Walls, and Concrete Driveway

Ed Shafer
3712 Oakland Drive
Kalamazoo, MI
Built 1996



List of Types of Home Improvements Completed on this Job

  • Tear-off Roofing with new 7/16"osb Decking, Ice/Water Shield, 30yr Dimensional Shingles
  • Vinyl Frame Replacement Windows with Aluminum Coil Wrapped Casing & Sills, Shutters
  • Boxed Overhangs with Aluminum Fascia and Vinyl Soffit
  • New Pre-Hung Steel Entry Doors
  • Vinyl Siding and Trim over House Wrap
  • Attached Covered Porch with Deck and Flower Planters fixed to the Railings.
  • 4" thick Concrete Driveway and Parking Area.
  • 5x5 treated Landscape Timbered Retaining Walls and Landscape Border around the Home.
  • 24' x 40'x 8' Craftsman Style Pole Barn Garage


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"


This is the Home Before we started work
Viewed from Oakland Drive South and East Walls


This is the Front and North Gable End
This Home had 5 Layers of old Shingles we had to Tear-Off. Notice the Landscaping Mess along the Sidewalk.


Work has been Completed
What a Transformation "We took alot of Ugly off this Home"

Notice how nice the Landscape along the Sidewalk.
and the New Concrete Driveway.
We also installed a new Lawn and Bushes
Shafer Shafer


The North Gable End is Complete
Notice how the Bold Flat Casings inhance the New Windows & Shutters.
The Window Trims are Wrapped with Aluminum Coil for a Mainanence Free Finish.
Shafer Shafer


This is the Back of the Home
Notice the Attached Covered Porch with Railings & Flower Planters


New 24' x 40' x 8' Craftsman Style Pole Barn Garage

Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"
When I say "The Complete Job" I mean my helpers and I. We don't hire "Subs" for Roofing, Siding, Framing, and
Concrete we do the complete job ourselves. Customers prefer this because they deal directly with Jon Nuyen and
not 3-6 Contractors to get the job done. If theres a question they only have to go to Jon for the Answer.