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Attached "Craftsman Style Pole Barn"
Attached Garage Home Reroof with
Structural Repairs & Concrete Driveway

Scott & Valerie Davis
28' x 40'x 10'
Paw Paw, MI
Built May 2005

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Project History

The Davis's had a neighbor's tree hit their old detached pole barn and it was destroyed. Due to current zoning they weren't allowed to build the same size building they had before unless it was attached to the home. A common problem with Storm Damage Jobs. Larger Accessory Buildings aren't "Grand fathered in" under the current Zoning Rules. It pays to work with a Contractor that works with the Local Zoning Officials. Jarvis Builders has worked with all districts in the Greater Kalamazoo, MI area for over 30 years. The job started out as a 28'x 40'x 10' "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" Attached Garage. As it progressed, the Davis's asked if I could fix the 12" Sag in the Roof of their Home and install a new Shingled Roof to match the garage. Then they hired us to pour a new Concrete Driveway and Regrade the Yard around the Garage. Jarvis Builders does the "Complete Job" from helping Customers with Permits and Planning to Restoring the Yard, and everything in between.


The first step after getting our Permit Approval was
to remove the old pole barn garage

We loaded the
debris and broken concrete into dumpsters for disposal.



S. Davis S. Davis
S. Davis
S. Davis S. Davis

Next, we built the Attached Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Notice how well the Roof Lines, Vinyl Siding,
Overhangs, Windows & Doors all Match the existing Home.
It looks like it was built with the home.




S. Davis S. Davis

Then we added additional storage.

We built a Shed Roof Lean-To with a Concrete Patio
off the back for additional storage in the Winter
and a place to Entertain in the Summer.


S. Davis

Here we have torn off the existing shingled roof to
the decking.

You can see the 12" Sag at the Ridge Line. It was much
worse at mid-span through the body of the roof. In the
Attic we String-Lined the Rafters, Straightened them, and
Braced them with Jack Rafters to the Center Bearing Wall.
When we were done the Davis's and Neighbors told us
they couldn't believe the difference. The Roof looked like
new, and had been crooked and sagging for years.

The Concrete Driveway has been formed, sub-grade set,
and compacted.

S. Davis S. Davis


S. Davis S. Davis

Pouring the Concrete Driveway.

Over the past 30 years we have poured over 1200
Pole Barn Floors and Aprons. We also do all the
required Excavation and Prep Work required. Please
see the Clean Up and Yard Restoration in the next photo.




S. Davis

The Roofing Job is done.

You can see how much straighter the Roof Line is now.
The site is Clean of all Debris and Left Over Materials.
The Yard has been Restored. The Davis's started out
hiring us to replace their Storm Destroyed Pole Barn.
Because we did a good job at a fair price, they had
us do additional Improvements they had been wanting.

Jarvis Builders does the
"Complete Job,"
and we "Do It Well."


S. Davis S. Davis