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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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Craftsman Style "Workshop"

Lance & Jennifer Kolhoff
40' x 60' x 14'
Martin, MI
Built August 2011

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Craftsman Style "Workshop" Specifications

  • 40'wide x 60'long x 14'ceiling height, 44' span 4/12 pitch roof trusses with 5' front cantilever
  • Vinyl Siding Package with 1/2" osb wall sheeting, house wrap, vinyl gable vents, and D/4 Vinyl Siding & Trim. Aluminum Coil Wrap Overhead Door & Entry Door Trims
  • 12" Boxed Overhangs Gables & Rear Sidewall. 5' Front Overhang with Recessed Can Lights
  • Shingled Roof with Owens Corning 30yr Oak Ridge Shingles, 1/2" OSB Deck, Ice & Water Shield 15# Roof Felt, Ridge Master Shingle Over Ridge Vents
  • Concrete Flatwork 5" thick Floor and Aprons with Floor Drain
  • Complete Excavation Service


Testimonial Letter
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Jarvis Builders "Shop Drawings & Plans"

To give our Customers a clear idea of what we propose to build for them we provide Hand Drawn Shop Drawings with our Estimates. This gives the Customer an opportunity to visualize the project to be sure it is the building they want and will satisfy their needs. We try not to do Phone Quotes and Ball Park Prices because every buildings different.

Notice how closely the "Shop Drawings" represent the Finished Building..

shop drawings shop drawings
shop drawings shop drawings


wall sectiondrawing


Wall Section "Detail Drawings"

We also provide Wall Section Detail Drawings along with our Estimates & Shop Drawings to give our Customers a Clear Understanding of how their Jarvis Pole Barn will be built. It amazes me how often a Prospective Customer has no idea at all how other Contractors would build their Pole Barn. All they know is the general specifications eg. size, doors, shingles.

At Jarvis Builders we believe in Full Disclosure to avoid misunderstandings and provide our Customers with Exactly what they thought they were buying.


Complete Excavation Service
Jarvis Builders has Excavated for over 1200 Pole Barns since 1981 and it shows

Before we started the side yard sloped about 5' downhill from the home to this end. We had to slow the side yard of the home drain away not pond, match up to the existing Driveway, and leave a mowable finish grade on this end.

We cleared the brush from the
old fence row and regraded the
soils up to the Building
We cut 18" on this end
removed the Top Soil and
set it aside for later use
wall sectiondrawing

wall sectiondrawing

We installed 140 yrds of Fill Sand
under the Concrete Floor and to
build up this end. Then regraded
our stockpiled Top Soil to provide
a mowable yard with good soil to
grow grass on top.
We installed 20 yrds of 21aa
Crushed Concrete for a Solid
Driveway Surface and matched
up to the existing gravel drive.

When We Were Done
The Pole Barn Looked Like it Grew There!