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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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"Craftsman Style Pole Barn"

Kyle Kraft
36' x 48' x 12'
Kalamazoo, MI
Built November 2004

Craftsman Style Pole Barn


Post & Wall Frame Kraft
"Craftsman Style Pole Barn"
  • Vinyl Siding Package with 1/2" OSB Wall
    Sheeting, House Wrap, Aluminum Coil over
    2 x 4 Backer on Overhead Door Openings
    and Entry Door Jambs & Trim
  • Boxed Overhangs 24" Sidewalls and 12"
    Gable Ends to Match the Home
  • 6/12 Pitch Roof with Ice/Water Shield,
    15# Felt, 30 yr Dimensional Shingles
    and Ridge Vent
  • 3 @ 48" x 48' Vinyl Frame New Construction
    Slider Windows & Shutters
  • 1 @ 3068 9 Lite Entry Door with Lockset
    and Deadbolt
  • Concrete Floor, Aprons, and Curved Sidewalk
  • Complete Excavation Service with Fill Sand
    Installation and Top Soil Backgrade
Kraft Kraft




pole barn Boxed Overhangs are Complete
The concrete Floor has been
placed and we are Formin the
Exterior Aprons & Sidewalks


Vinyl Siding Installation

Installing the Vinyl Siding is the final step in the exterior finish of the Craftsman Style Pole Barn. Our workers are taking time to measure up both sides of the Overhead Door Opening to be sure it lines up perfectly along the top of the door. Before the Siding is installed the Overhangs were Boxed, J-Blocks for Light Fixtures and Receptacles were installed with Cut-In Electrical Boxes, and the Overhead Door and Entry Door Openings were Aluminum Coil Wrapped. All for a Top Quality Job!

Notice how nicely the Concrete Aprons & Sidewalk line up with the Doors and the bottom of the Vinyl Siding. Once the Top Soil has been Backgrade for Grass it will Look Beautiful!





Concrete Flatwork

The Vinyl Siding is Complete and the Building is ready for the Overhead Door Installation. The Concrete Floor and Aprons are poured separately because they are two different mixes. Interior Floors are poured with Native Stone and Zero Air Internment. Air in the Mix performs poorly when the Floor is Steel Troweled Smooth. Bubbles form under the Surface and will weaken it, even lift. Exterior Flatwork Mix is Limestone (all white & hard no sandstone) with Full Air to add Elasticity to the Flatwork and make it more Weather Tolerant.

Notice the Lip at the Floor to Apron Joint. Our Overhead Doors actually sit on the Apron not the Floor. Water would have to get under the Door then climb the lip to get onto the Floor. The Apron is Steel Rebar Doweled to the Floor to keep them from lifting or separating. All for Long Term Durability and Performance!