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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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"Craftsman Style Pole Barn"
Concrete Driveway with Retaining Wall

Matt & Sheri Storbeck
24' x 24' x 10'
Otsego, MI
Built May 2010

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Customer Concerns

  • Matt Storbeck is a Fussy Guy. He works hard to take care of his home and yard. He had a Cargo Trailer in the driveway, a Garage full of Motorcycles and other stuff, and no where to park cars except in the drive or on the street.
  • He wanted a Pole Barn in the backyard to store all his stuff, but needed an access drive that allowed him to back the Cargo Trailer around the house and to the Pole Barn.
  • The Problem was he only had 10' to the neighbors property and the height of his existing driveway and garage was about 2' above the neighbors yard. You can't just Slant a driveway 24" over 10' and run your water into the neighbor's yard.
  • Also his existing Gutters drained to this side, and the Underground Sprinkler Lines to the backyard ran along the Garage.
  • AND "He wanted to match His Home to a T" PLEASE READ HIS LETTER!!


Solutions to Matt's Problems & Concerns
"Jarvis Builders Shop Drawings"




"Gutter Drainage"
We ran Sch 30 Drain Pipe
under the Drive to a
Pop-Up in the front yard
"Slope Along Garage"
We ran Treated Landscape Timbered
Retaining Wall along the Property Line
and tied it to the Concrete Drive with Steel
Dowels to keep it from falling away.

"Tight Tight Conditions"
The most difficult obstacle to overcome
was getting Building Materials, Fill Sand,
and Concrete to the Back Yard around
the Garage, and get stripped Sod &
Top Soil out to the Front Yard. We
had to Bobcat all Fill & Concrete to the
Back. It was time consuming work, but
we never put a heavy Dump Truck or
Redi-Mix Concrete Truck on Matt's
existing Concrete Drive.






"Craftsman Style Pole Barn" Specifications

  • 24' x 24' x 10' Craftsman Style Pole Barn
  • Vinyl Siding Package with 1/2" OSB Wall Sheeting, House Wrap, D/4 Vinyl Siding & Trim. Aluminum Coil Wrapped Overhead Door Opening and Entry Door
  • Boxed Overhangs 24" Sidewalls and 12" Gable Ends
  • 4/12 Pitch Roof, 30 yr. Dimensional Shingled Roof with Ridge Vents
  • 1 @ 16'x 8' Raised Panel Steel Overhead Door & Operator
  • 1 @ 3068 9-Lite Entry Door with Lockset & Deadbolt
  • 4 Vinyl Frame Insulated Windows
  • Complete Excavation Service
  • Concrete Floor with Driveway & Aprons
  • Landscape Timbered Retaining Wall
  • Gutter Drains with 4" Sch 30 pipe to yard Pop-Up

Testimonial Letter
from another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer
Craftsman Style Pole Barn



We worked very hard with Matt & Sheri's best interests & concerns at heart. It's beyond me how a contractor could have
possibly bid this job accurately or truly taken care of Matt's needs & concerns without even coming to the job to meet
with him. You can count on Jarvis Builders to be the Professional Builder you want to work with! READ HIS LETTER.