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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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"Craftsman Style Pole Barn"

Jeff & Ingrid Stroud
30' x 40' x 9'
Bloomingdale, MI

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

"Craftsman Style Pole Barn" Specifications

  • 30' x 40' x 9' Custom Pole Building with 5/12 Pitch Roof Trusses
  • Vinyl Siding Package with 2x4 Girders @ 16"o.c., 1/2" OSB Wall Sheating, House Wrap, Aluminum Coil Wrap Entry & Overhead Door Openings, J-Block Light Bases
  • 12" Boxed Overhangs Sidewalls & Gable Ends, Vinyl Soffit, F Channel, 6" Aluminum Fascia
  • Shingled Roof with 1/2" OSB Roof Deck, Ice/Water Shield, 15# Roof Felt, 30 yr Dimensional Shingles, Can Style Roof Vents (Back Side)
  • 3 @ 9' x 7' Raised Panel Steel Overhead Doors, 1 @ 3068 6 Panel Entry Door
  • Concrete Floor & Aprons,Floor Slopes 6" to Overhead Doors for Drainage & Extra Headroom
  • Complete Excavation Service, Installed 14 Truck Loads of Fill Sand & 30yrd3 Crush Concrete


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"


Jarvis Builders' Shop Drawing
"Front Sidewall & South Gable"


Jarvis Builders provides "Hand Drawn" Shop Drawings to all Customers, when we give an estimate on a Custom Pole Barn. To give our Customers a Clear Idea of what we propose to build for them.


Jarvis Builders' Shop Drawing
"Floor/Post Plan"



Stroud Stroud
Stroud Stroud




Concrete Flatwork "Details"

Concrete "Floor to Apron" Joint

At Jarvis Builders we pour our Concrete Floor separately from the Apron. They require 2 different Concrete Mixes. We use 6 sack Native Stone with No Air Internment for Interior Floors so they can be Steel Troweled Smooth. We use 6 sack Limestone with Full Air Internment for Outside Flatwork. The Limestone is harder and more durable for Outside Concrete, but hard to get a good finish Steel Troweled. The Air Internment makes Concrete more elastic and durable for Exterior Concrete, but will create Air Bubbles under the surface if Steel Troweled with a Power Trowel and weaken the surface.

We pour our Concrete Floor 1st and form the joint 3" into the Floor. Once the forms are removed we drill along the edge and place 1/2" steel rebar dowels 3' o.c. Then we pour the Concrete Apron. The Dowels tie the Floor & Apron together so they won't heave.

When finished, the Overhead Door actually rests on the Apron. Water or Snow would have to go under the door and climb the 3/4" lip to get onto the Floor.

Jarvis Builders does the "Complete Job"

Jarvis Builders Does "The Complete Job"
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