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pole barns pole barns Craftsman Style Pole Barn with Attic Storage and Living Space
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"Craftsman Style Pole Barn"
with the Jarvis Retaining Wall System

Doug & Shirley Clark
24' x 32' x 9
Kalamazoo, MI

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Testimonial Letter
from another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer

Woldhuis Testimonial

Building Specifications

  • 24' x 32' x 9 Post Frame with 6/12 Attic Storage Trusses
  • Attic Room 12' wide x 32' long with 3/4 OSB Floor & Fold-Down Stairs
  • Exterior Finish to Match Home
  • Dimensional Shingled Roof with Ridge Vent
  • Vinyl Siding Pkg. with 1/2" OSB Wall Sheeting, House Wrap, D/4 Vinyl Siding & Trim, 12" Boxed Overhangs Sidewalls & Gable Ends, Coil Wrap 16 x 8 Overhead Door Opening & Entry Door
  • Retaining Walls "Bottom of Building" Follows Slope of the Yard
  • Complete Excavation
  • Concrete Flatwork for Building Floor & Exterior Aprons

The real benefit of the "Retaining Wall System" in this case is the Finished Appearance of the yard. The Building looks like it grew there. the existing yard slopes steeper just another 30 feet from the building. If we hadn't used the "Retaining Wall System" the back corner would have been 24" above the existing yard and required major fill sand and top soil grading to restore the yard, and it still would have been steeper and hard to maintain.

By using the Jarvis Builders "Retaining Wall System" we were able to add the "Craftsman Style Pole Barn" for the Clarks and give the site the "Estate Home" Appearance. The Building, additional Concrete driveway and Sidewalk, and Yard restoration turned out Beautiful.




Craftsman Style Pole Barn


"Jarvis Shop Drawings" give customers a Clear Idea of What We Propose to Build
Clark Elevation Clark Post Plan


"Jarvis craftsman Style Pole Barns" Are Designed to Complement and Match the Architecture and Style of the Existing Home. We pay great attention to every detail, from Siding and Overhang color & Style to the Elevation of the building tieing it into the existing Driveway properly for good water drainage and easy access. We always try to match the Roof Pitch and Shingle Style and Color.

Construction Management on these Residential neighborhood Jobs requires Experience, Knowledge, and Good Planning. We never had Concrete Redi-Mix Trucks, Dump Trucks, or Lumber delivery Trucks on the concrete Driveway or in the Yard to Eliminate the Possibility of Damage. It takes care and Extra Time, but it was worth it because Doug & Shirley Clark were tickled to Death and that's what it's all about.

Clark Pole Barn with Retaining Wall System by Jarvis Builders