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Tear-Off Roofing Job with
Major Structural Repairs

Lub & Irene Baczynskyj
Kalamazoo, MI
July 2012

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Job Specifications

  • Existing Shingles, Felt, Flashings etc. torn off and disposed of into roll-off dumpster
  • Roof Decking was re-nailed, new 1 1/2" Alum. Drip Edge, 30# Roof Felt, and Plumbing Boots
  • Ice & Water Shield along all Eve Walls, Valleys, and around Chimney
  • 3 Step Chimney Flashing with Ice & Water Shield, Step Flashing, and Counter Flash Trim
  • Ridgemaster "Shingle Over" Ridge Vent at all Ridge Lines. Decking cut back for 3" wide vent.
  • Shingled with Certainteed 30yr Landmark Dimensional Shingles "Pewter Gray"
  • Structural Repairs included removing existing Garage Rafters and installing Custom Built
    Roof Trusses to support the Roof and the existing Garage Ceiling. Then new Valley Rafters
    were installed to support the Main Roof.


Very Clean Tear-Off Job

Notice how well the site is cleaned up on a Jarvis Tear-Off Roofing Job. The bushes and Landscape are not crunched or damaged. The sidewalks, driveway, and steps have been swept. All Shingle Debris has been disposed of into a roll-off dumpster. The new roof looks great, and the Customers Happy!

Jarvis Builders Protects Your Home During the Job  



The Garage Hip Rafters had broken allowing the Garage and Valley Rafters to sag. The Garage Ceiling had a 4" sag in it also. The original Rafters, Hip Rafters, and Ceiling Joists were all undersized and after 35 years they gave way and were about to collapse.

This portion of the roof has been torn off. We are sweeping the roof deck to prepare the roof for the "Dry-In" with Ice & Water Shield and 30# Roof Felt. Notice how the tarps catch all the shingle debris, and the OSB protects the home from falling debris.

Roof Support
Dryed-In and Ready for Shingles
2"x 12" Plate is installed over the Garage Trusses and Decking
to properly support the new Valley Rafters. This plate won't
sag or break like a Hip Rafter can.






The Garage Rafters have been removed and replaced with Trusses. We installed new 1/2" OSB decking, and the Main Roof Valley Rafters are installed. We used Trusses rather than just replacing rafters on this job because the existing garage ceiling joists were too long and undersized causing a 4" sag. As we installed the Trusses the ceiling was straightened and the existing ceiling joists were joined to the trusses to support them.