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Tear-Off Roofing Job
Replacement Windows, and Vinyl Siding

Dale & Betty Philmon
Otsego, MI
October 2006

Craftsman Style Pole Barn
Home From the Street Before Work Starts


Tear-Off Roofing Job Specifications
  • Complete Tear Off and Disposal of all exiting Shingles, Felt, and Flashings.
  • Rafter Tails and Sidewall Sub-Fascia Straightened & Braced.
  • Ice & Water Shield installed along all eve walls, front porch, and around chimney.
  • 30# Roofing Felt, new Plumbing Vent Pipe Boots, new Roof Vents.
  • Reroofed with Owens Corning 30yr Oak Ridge Dimensional Shingles "Driftwood"
  • 3-Ply Chimney Flashing with Royal Brown Aluminum Counter Flash.


Home from the street - Job Done

Please Note we also installed the Vinyl Replacement Windows &
Coil Wrap Trims, Soffit & Fascia Boxed Overhangs , & Vinyl Siding.

Many times our Roofing Jobs are only a portion of a Complete Exterior Renovation Job as it was with this job. With over 30 years experience we Professionally Install almost any type of Building Material and we do a Great Job on most any kind of repair.


Front Porch Before Work Starts





Roofing Tar along the wall . . . Past Leaks




Moss & Algae Stained Shingles



Old Leaky Storm Door


  Front Porch Work Done
  • Old roofing, tar, & drip edge was removed.
    The Porch Roof was covered with Ice & Water
    Shield & Step Flashed to the wall as it was
  • The Overhangs & Ceiling was finished with
    new Aluminum Fascia & Vinyl Soffit, Trim, & Siding.
  • The Entry Door Trim was Aluminum Coil Wrapped.
    We installed a new Storm Door & Doorbell Button.



Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dams damage the roofing, roof decking and overhangs. The old roof had aluminum flashing along the eve walls to prevent leaks.

A properly installed new Shingled Roof with Ice & Water Shield combined with the correct soffit and roof ventilation, and adequate insulation can help stop Ice Dams from forming and damaging your



Before Work Beginsroof


Old undersized
Gable Vent


Rotted Soffit & Fascia










Large Vinyl Octagon Gable Vent increases Attic Ventilation
and helps to reduce Ice Dams.




New Aluminum Fascia & Vented Vinyl Soffit Boxed Overhang
Finish. The Rafter Cavities along the eve walls were opened
up to increase Roof Ventilation Intake to reduce Ice Dams.

   After Work Completedroof





Old Chimney Flashing Before Work Starts

Many Chimneys I inspect have been coated with roofing tar several times. It is not a permanent solution. It will last until the tar dries out, and then leak again.



New Chimney Flashing
Job Done

Jarvis Builders uses a 3 Step Process to properly flash your chimney to last the life of your new shingles.

  1. First when we "Dry In" the roof decking we install Ice & Water Shield around the chimney and up along the base 3."

  2. Second as we shingle the roof we use Aluminum Flashings to Step Flash the chimney to the new shingles.

  3. Third, we saw cut the chimney 3/4" deep, and install a Custom Made Aluminum Counter Flash
    that is bent into the saw cut and covers the Step Flashing. This is a Permanent Solution.