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Custom Stick Built Garage

Bill & Thereasa Lisowski
24' x 56' x 9'
18824 38th Street
Gobles, MI
Built November 2011

Craftsman Style Pole Barn

Custom Stick Built Garage Specifications

  • Roof Trusses 24' span 6/12 pitch with 12' wide center Attic Storage Section with 30#/ft2 load.
  • Roof Finish Ice/Water Shield, 15# Felt, 30yr Dimensional Shingles with Ridge Vent.
  • Vinyl Siding Package with House Wrap, D/4 Vinyl Siding & Trim, Aluminum Coil Wrap Overhead Door Openings and Entry Door. 12" Boxed Overhangs Sidewalls & Gable Ends.
  • Foundation and Floor Monolithic Concrete with 42" Frost Footings, 4" thick Floor and Aprons Floor Drains.
  • Excavation Service to remove Trees, grade for Concrete Foundation & Floor.
  • 100amp New Electrical Service tied into Home with 110v GFI Receptacles and Lighting.
  • Bill's New Chicken Coop to match the Garage.

Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"
from Clearing the Trees to the Siding


Jarvis Builders "Shop Drawings and Plans"
We provide Shop Drawings and Plans to give our Customers a Clear Idea of exactly what we propose to build
for them. This gives them an opportunity to be sure it's the Building they want. It also helps to prevent misunderstandings.

*Notice How Closely the Shop Drawings Resemble the Finished Garage*
Shop Drawing


Floor Plan "Shop Drawings"
Give Customers and opportunity to review a scale plan of the Building Layout and Door Placement.
It's a lot easier to move doors or make changes before the job begins.
Shop Drawing


Wall Section "Shop Drawings"
Identify the Components of the Building Wall & Roof Assembly This helps
the Customer to understand clearly how their garage will be built.
Shop Drawing


The Process Starts with the Estimate & Shop Drawings then our Hard Work on the job to do an Excellent Job.

The End Result
Another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer

Testimonial Letter
from another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer

Chicken Coop



Bill's New Chicken Coop

"The Girl's Love it"