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Attached Custom Stick Built Garage & Breezeway

Rev. Mathew Wright
86 West Prouty Street
Kalamazoo, MI
Built March 2010

Craftsman Style Pole Barn


Attached Custom Stick Built Garage Specifications

  • 2 x 4 Stud Framed Garage and Breezeway with 7/16" osb Wall Sheathing, Roof Trusses were a Manufactured 20' wide 4/12 pitch Hip Set
    to match the existing Home, and the Breezeway was Stick Framed Rafters, Overbuild Valleys, and Ceiling Joists.
  • Vinyl Siding Package with D/4 Cream Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Coil Wrapped Door Openings.
  • Reroofing Job on the Home. Tore 2 layers of shingles off the Home and Roofed it along with the New Garage with Ice/Water Shield, 30# Felt, 30yr Dimensional Shingles.


Jarvis Builders does "The Complete Job"


This was the Home Before Work Began
Craftsman Style Pole Barn


Jarvis Builders "Shop Drawings and Plans"
We provide Shop Drawings and Plans to give our Customers a Clear Idea of exactly what we propose to build for them. This
gives them an opportunity to be sure it's the Building they want. It also helps to prevent misunderstandings.

*Notice How Closely the Shop Drawings Resemble the Finished Garage*
Craftsman Style Pole Barn


The Process Starts with the Estimate & Shop Drawings then our Hard Work on the job to do an Excellent Job.

The End Result
Another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer

Testimonial Letter
from another Satisfied Jarvis Builders Customer
Craftsman Style Pole Barn